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What phones are supported?

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posted this on March 10, 2013, 5:23 PM

Family Sense™ from XFINITY® monitors all Facebook, Instagram and Twitter activity occurring on any Internet -accessible device, including mobile phones with a mobile data plan or access to Wi-Fi. In addition to personal computers and laptops, these devices can be Androids, iPhones (and iTouch), Blackberry, Windows phones, most tablets, gaming systems and reading devices and many more. With over 103 million people actively using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from apps on their mobile phones, Family Sense is vital to keeping you informed on how your child is interacting socially on his or her phone.

If your child has a Google Android phone or an iPhone, you can also download the XFINITY Family Sense mobile application and connect it to your Family Sense account. Our mobile app extends the capabilities of your Family Sense dashboard so that you are able to review many aspects of your child’s mobile phone activity:


  • text messaging details (Android only);
  • pictures taken by the phone;
  • MMS messaging details (Android only);
  • applications on the phone (Android only);
  • call history log (Android only); and
  • location.

How to check for compatibilit

If your child uses an iPhone, our mobile application for iPhones is compatible. If you are not sure if the Family Sense Android app will work on your child’s Android phone, the simplest and most accurate way to determine compatibility is to follow these simple steps:

  1. Using your child's mobile phone, locate the Google "Play Store" application. This is the marketplace for Google Android applications. If this application is not on the phone, your child does not have a Google Android phone.
  2. If you successfully locate the "Play Store" application, open it.
  3. Using the search functionality of the "Play Store" application, search for "Family Sense".
  4. If the Family Sense mobile app comes up in your search, it is compatible with your child's mobile phone. If your search does not find the Family Sense app, then, unfortunately, it is not compatible with your child's phone.

If you have not purchased an Android phone yet, you can run this compatibility test while you are in the store on one of the store's demonstration phones. There are literally thousands of phones and while we can broadly say that we support all Android phones version 2.0 and above, there are occasions when the telephone carriers themselves have modified the Android software. If this occurs, this has the potential, albeit rarely, to negatively impact compatibility with the Family Sense Android application. For example, the Family Sense Android application is not compatible with some pre-paid Android phones including those sold by AT&T and T-Mobile. If you are purchasing a phone for use with the Family Sense Android application, be sure to check for compatibility before making your purchase.




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